Advantages of adhering to the CCR WEEE take back system:

  • Taking over the entire responsibility regarding reaching the annual objectives of collecting, reusing, recycling and recovery of the WEEE, including annually reporting the data to NEPA
  • Independent system (CCR is not founded by manufacturers/ importers of electrical and electronic equipment - EEE) thus guaranteeing equidistance from all the system manufacturers;
  • License for all the EEE categories, including lighting equipment (according to OUG 5/2015);
  • Safety and confidentiality of data by means of the online CCR NET system; no other manufacturer/ importer of EEE has access to the company information;
  • Guaranteeing reaching the collecting/ recycling quota; 
  • Free-of-charge legal counselling in the field of environmental protection for CCR members;
  • Minimum costs, totally covered by the green stamp.


CCR REBAT - take back system for used batteries and accumulators.

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