About CCR

Who we are!

CCR Logistics Systems RO SRL is a WEEE collective organisation, licensed under the Ministry of Environment (operating licence RO-ANPM-DEEE-004/2017).
CCR Logistics Systems RO SRL is a subsidiary of the German company CCR Logistics Systems AG with headquarters in Munich, Germany, acting in most EU countries in the field of waste management.


What we offer!

Our company is licensed for taking producer's responsibility in order to fulfil the environmental obligations resulting from the provisions of the OUG 5/2015 on the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE, as well as reporting the data to the competent authorities.  


Legal framework

According to OUG 5/2015, any company manufacturing/ importing electrical or electronic equipment must register with the National Environmental Protection Agency and take part, in a collective or independent system, in financing the WEEE management.  

Are you unsure about whether the equipment manufactured or imported by your company falls under the applicability of OUG 5/2015?

Please contact us for any further information or explanations regarding the Romanian law in the field, as well as the activity of CCR in Romania.

Legal Information