Take back & Compliance

CCR as WEEE take back system

The CCR WEEE management system contributes to the protection of the environment by taking over the responsibilities of EEE manufacturers or of third parties acting on their behalf in Romania for reaching the annual objectives of collecting, reusing, recycling and recovery of WEEE, including a report on the management of WEEE, objectives resulting from the EGO no. 5/2015.


CCR service portfolio 

  • Free-of-charge counseling for registering the manufacturers in the NEPA registry
  • Selecting, managing and coordination of the service providers
  • Delivery of containers at collecting points
  • Collecting and transporting WEEE under environmentally safe conditions
  • Treating, recovery, recycling or disposal of WEEE according to legal provisions
  • Issuing collecting, recovery, recycling or disposal proof, according to legal provisions
  • Directly reporting the collected/ recycled quantities to the competent authorities, making the data available in CCR NET
  • Hotline : 021 2000 493 : Monday - Friday 09:00  – 18:00