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We are glad to be able to present to you a few legal aspects regarding the global issue of environmental protection. In this section you will find information related to the protection of nature, the CCR environmental activity and many other issues. We try to raise interest for such activities by periodically organizing contests.  CCR is a German company with vast experience in the field of waste management. We want to put our experience to the service of the CCR partners in Romania (manufacturers, environmental authorities and local administrations, final consumers etc.) willing to join our efforts. Nothing is too hard or impossible to attain. It is rather a matter of mentality, logistic facilities and willingness to change something for the good. The presented materials may help you make a decision as far as the protection of the environment is concerned.                    
We would be glad if you joined our efforts and we thank you in advance for your commitment. Even the mere reading of this page is a small, but decisive step towards our goal.  

Thank you!

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