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Who is CCR Logistics Systems RO SRL?

CCR organises, at European level, the CCR RELECTRA system for managing WEEE. In Romania, the collective CCR organisation was authorised by the National Environmental Protection Agency on 18.12.2008.


How does the CCR RELECTRA system function?

The electric or electronic equipment manufacturers (according to OUG 5/2015- manufacturer is the person who introduces the electric or electronic equipment -EEE for the first time on the Romanian market) must individually or collectively finance the management system of the WEEE. Manufacturers who transferred the responsibility of the WEEE management to CCR pay the value of the corresponding green stamp. This is normally directly recovered from the end users, who can thus take this waste free of charge to any collecting point organised for this purpose.


Where can the WEEE be turned in?

The WEEE of the private households may be turned in to organised collecting points in commercial centres (manufacturers must guarantee the receipt on a 1:1 system of the domestic consumer WEEE), by the local administration or service providers authorized for such activities.

WEEE Collecting points


What happens to the WEEE once they are turned in to a collecting point?

The WEEE turned in to a collecting point is sent by the waste management system to the recycling installations. Here they are sorted and treated accordingly. Once they are disassembled, the resulting materials which contain recyclable substances (platinum, copper, aluminium, gold, cobalt etc.) are treated by special techniques which do not only guarantee the management of the resulting fractions by protecting the environment, but also the reintroduction of these materials in the manufacturing cycle.


The WEEE also contains hazardous substances. Only by turning these in to the collecting / recycling system authorized and verified by the environmental authorities can the proper disposal of the hazardous substances be guaranteed. Avoid disposing of the WEEE together with the domestic garbage, handing it in to unauthorised natural persons or even companies which do not hold the proper recycling authorisations and techniques.

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