What is CCR?

CCR Logistics Systems RO SRL is a non-profit organization,licensed by NEPA, who takes over responsibility of the electric and electronic equipment (EEE) manufacturers guaranteeing the fulfilment of the legal obligations of the said manufacturers for managing waste (WEEE).


What are the obligations of the EEE manufacturers? 

  • Registering with NEPA in the Register of the EEE manufacturers (MO 1223/2005)
  • Financing the management of the WEEE by individual or collective system (OUG 5/2015) 
  • Annual reports to NEPA (GD 1223/2005)


What are the WEEE categories for which CCR assumes responsibility?

CCR is licensed for all 10 EEE categories (including category 5- Lighting equipment) provided in Annex 1A of OUG 5/2015


How can I determine whether a particular piece of electric equipment falls under the applicability of OUG 5/2015?

Access the EEE classification guide