Operational processes

Reporting through CCR NET

The participants in the CCR RELECTRA system for managing the waste reports on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis the number and quantities of EEE placed on the market, according to OUG 5/2015:

  • internally-manufactured EEE
  • imported EEE

The invoice for the corresponding period is based on this report. The total quantities reported by all manufacturers in the system will be reported together with the data referring to collecting/recycling to NEPA before April the 30th of each year, for the preceding year.


WEEE- Collecting/ Recycling processes 

CCR RELECTRA makes adequate collecting containers for WEEE available to manufacturers, free of charge, and guarantees their collection and transport to recycling stations. All these processes are monitored by the CCR NET system, guaranteeing the complete transparency of the operations. CCR guarantees, by contracts signed with authorized services providers, the reaching of the 45% collecting quota for the quantities placed on the market by the manufacturers. The selection of the service providers is based on strict criteria of quality, capacity and price.